DDX - Pediatric Vesicular Rash (SICCC GERMS)

SICCC GERMS is the mnemonic that I use for the differential of vesicular rashes in children. Two major branch points are vaccinated vs. unvaccinated ... THEN... febrile vs. afebrile 

    • Gladiatorum (HSV)
    • Eczema 
    • Rickettsialpox 
    • Molluscum Contagiosum 
    • Scabies


  • This track is meant to help listeners differentiate and treat common causes of vesicular rashes in children and also score you points on your STEP 1/2/3 and Residency Board Exams. 
  • The color-coded highlighting is as follows:
    • Green - the diagnosis or disease process
    • Orange - key features and buzzwords
    • Blue - management and treatment

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