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CodeHealth is a place where you share your educational resources or medical literature, to teach your peers life sciences and medicine. It's a community to learn together.

For Aspiring Scientsts
Whether you aspire to become a physician, scientist or another healthcare professional, CodeHealth is a great place to learn and find inspiration from your future colleges.
For Students
Write and share your study notes on CodeHealth. Organize them into notebooks and share them with your friends, classmates and the world.
For Professionals
Share your expertise. You've read through many textbooks, now be the one to create informative articles and medical cases that other people can interact with and learn from.


CodeHealth cases are multiple choice questions based on clinical scenarios. Created by other students or medical professionals, like yourself, they are packed with features like detailed feedback on answer choices and real-time statistics so you can compare your performance to others. Clinical cases are a great way to apply what you've already leared to real world examples.


As a registered user on CodeHealth, you will have access to your progress and other detailed analytics. This data can help you identify topics you score lower on so you can study more efficiently. As a CodeHealth content creator, when you create and post new content, you will see your audience grow and discover how people are interacting with your study guides and medical cases. These are powerful analytics that you can't get in a classroom.


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