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Chief Complaint:

Decreased level of consciousness

Published: Sept. 11, 2017
Author: erinwiebe

While working as a paramedic you arrive at the home of a 68 y.o male that responds when verbally prompted but otherwise has his eyes closed and does not respond appropriately to your questions. His vitals are as follows, BP:96/75 mmHg, HR: 48/min, CBGM: 6.1 mmol/L, Temp: 36.9, SPO2: 94%, his ECG is as shown (not to scale) . His wife tells you he has no significant medical history and that she found him like this when he came home from spending the day with her daughter. You administer oxygen and get IV access.


Which is your first treatment ?

  • Amiodarone 150 mg over 10 min.
  • Atropine 0.5mg bolus q.3-5 min.
  • Epinephrine 2-10mcg
  • Diltiazem 20 mg over 2 min.
  • Transcutaneous pacing

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