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Article No. 95


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Quick memory aid for Altered Mental Status (AMS)

Quick memory aid for Altered Mental Status (AMS)

Table of Contents


An Altered Mental Status is characterized as being a state in which mental function is changed or altered. It often causes confusion, lethargy, amnesia, loss of alertness, disorientation, and other abnormal changes in a patients "normal" mental functioning. 

This is a quick memory aid on remembering the important factors that may cause AMS. Please note that causes of AMS are not limited to this list. 


G: Glucose: Hypoglycemia and Hyperglycemia (e.x. HHNS)

O: O2: Hypoxia, Overdose

A: Alcohol (e.x. Korsakoff syndrome), drugs, and withdrawal 

T: Trauma (e.x. Increased ICP, non-cerebral major hemorrhage) or Exo and Endogenous Toxins (e.x. Liver failure, and, Acidosis and alkalosis, environmental toxins)

T: Temperature: Hyperthermia or Hypothermia

S: Seizures and Post-ictal phase, Psychiatry (/sa??ka??tri/)

I: Infection: (e.x. Sepsis, Meningitis, Pneumonia, Encephalitis, and etcetera)

V: Vascular: Stroke and TIA, Cranial hemorrhage, Tumors, 


About the Author

Jean-Christophe Rioux
Hey, Bonjour, My name is Jean-Christophe Rioux, I'm a medical student in the city of Montreal located in the province of Quebec, Canada.
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