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Chief Complaint:

Head Trauma

Published: April 19, 2017
Author: jason.lopez

An 18 year old male is brought into the Emergency Department after a motor vehicle collision. The patient was a restrained front seat passenger to a rollover car accident. EMS brought the patient to the trauma bay with a cervical collar in place and on a backboard. EMS tells you that the patient is hemodynamically stable but is altered. They are unable to obtain further history including past medical history. IV access x 2 is obtained and the patient is placed on the cardiac monitor. On exam the patients vital signs are: HR 95, BP 139/88, RR 18, O2Sat 99% RA. The patient has spontaneous breathing with no stridor or gurgling. You do not see any blood in the oropharynx. He has symmetric breath sounds with no abnormalities on auscultation anteriorly. His skin is dry and warm to touch. When you talk to the patient his eyes remain closed. He does not open his eyes to verbal or painful stimuli. With painful stimuli to the extremities the patient withdraws his extremities. He is moaning and not saying any words.


Based on the description above what would you calculate the patients Glasgow Coma Scale to be?

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