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Case No. 68


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Chief Complaint:

Weirdly Twitching following plant spraying

Published: Aug. 3, 2017
Author: M00se

You are working your standard day shift at the ED when you are called for a 22 y/o female patient that was rushed through the ER doors suffering from increased SOB. As soon as you arrive you notice the patient is looking at you confused, appears to be crying a lot, is diaphoretic and is clearly heavily dyspneic. An audible wheezing is heard and the smell of emesis is easily noticeable which appears to be on the patients shirt and shoes. The accompanying person tells you she was found walking sporadically around the plants she spends your days spraying with Parathion. She adds that they work at the local plant store and decided to call the paramedics because she wasn't able to say more than two words before having to take a breathe and her face was "twitching weirdly".


What should be your first course of action?

  • Pralidoxime followed by Atropine
  • Diazepam
  • No drugs, simply decontamination
  • Atropine followed by Pralidoxime
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