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Published: May 5, 2017
Author: jason.lopez

You are working in the Emergency Department and are notified by the charge nurse that a patient has arrived with significant burns to his body. The patient is a 32 year old male and states he works as a chef in a restaurant and was cooking when his clothes caught on fire. He complains of pain to his chest, abdomen, and bilateral upper extremities. He currently has no shortness of breath, throat pain, and denies burns to the face and mouth. Vital signs HR 122, BP 157/95, RR 22, O2Sat 97% on RA He has no burns to the face, nares, and oropharynx. There is no stridor on examination, no wheezing, and no soot in the mouth. When you expose the patient you see deep burns to his entire chest, abdomen, and the ventral aspect of his entire arms from shoulder down to his fingertips. There are no circumferential burns, burns to the back, burns to his genitals, or burns to the lower extremities. His lungs are clear and he is in no respiratory distress.


Based on the description of his burns what would estimate the Total Body Surface Area (TBSA) of the burns to be?

  • 18% TBSA
  • 27% TBSA
  • 36% TBSA
  • 54% TBSA
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