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Published: May 4, 2017
Author: jason.lopez

A 43 year old female with a history of epilepsy is brought in by EMS for seizures. The patient is accompanied by the husband who provides most of the history. Per the husband, the patient has a history of epilepsy and is on several anti-epileptic drugs for difficult to control seizures. She had a seizure approximately 5 mins before EMS arrived to the house. She otherwise has no medical problems and has been in good health until the seizure episode prior to arrival to the Emergency Department. The husband states the the patient has been in status epilepticus before and asks you if she is currently in status epilepticus.


Which of the statements regarding status epilepticus is correct?

  • It is defined as multiple seizures occurring within a 24-hour period
  • It is defined as a seizure occurring for greater than 30 mins
  • It is defined as a multiple seizures occurring within a short period of time with no return to baseline
  • Patients with status epilepticus must have generalized tonic-clonic activity
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