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Chief Complaint:

Smoking Cessation

Published: Oct. 10, 2017
Author: venuscv

RJ is a 40-year-old male in your family medicine practice who presents today seeking help to quit smoking. He recently became a father and now more than ever, he is motivated to quit his 24-pack-year habit. He attempted to quit twice before, once in his 20s and the second time in his 30s, only achieving a 3-month smoke-free period before relapse. He smokes about one pack per day and denies concurrent alcohol or other drug use. His past medical history is unremarkable for medical or psychiatric conditions.


What are the two most significant questions to ask your patient during this initial visit?

  • How many cigarettes do you smoke in one day?
  • What is your set date?
  • What barriers do you foresee getting in the way of quitting?
  • How long after waking do you smoke your first cigarette?
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