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Cooking gone wrong

Published: Oct. 8, 2017
Author: M00se

You are called for a 7-C-3 at a private residence. Upon arrival you notice a mid-20 male patient sitting down, alert and covering his leg with a blanket. He mentions that he dropped a pot a boiling water on his legs and is currently in deep pain. You uncover the blanket and remark blisters on his dark red skin which surrounds the entire anterior and posterior right leg. The left leg is sparred and shows no signs of injuries.


What percentage of TBSA is affected by the burns? What is the next best course of action as a paramedic?

  • 10%, Pain management and cover with wet dressing
  • 18%, Pain management and cover with dry dressing
  • 9%, No pain management and transport as is
  • 4.5%, Pain management and cover with dry dressing
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