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Chief Complaint:

Edema and Foaming Urine

Published: Oct. 1, 2017
Author: vjarencio

A 55-year-old, male patient complains of severe swelling around his eyes and swelling around his lower extremities, most prominently in his ankles and feet. Vitals are found to be: HR: 88, strong, RR: 14, blood sugar: 235, and BP: 134/86 bpm. Patient has a history of diabetes (type 1) and is not taking any other medication besides insulin. He also claims that he has gained weight, despite no major changes in his diet. When you order a urine sample, you notice it to be dark and foamy. According to his symptoms, you come to a diagnosis of Nephrotic Syndrome.


What processes most likely explains proteinuria associated with Nephrotic Syndrome?

  • Deposits of hard minerals and salts within the kidenys
  • Amyloid build up within the kidneys
  • Infection of the bladder
  • Damage to the glomeruli on in the kidneys
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