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It's a place where we can learn, teach and find inspiration in medicine together, for free.

Our Mission Statement

Our team of doctors, engineers, artists and creative thinkers want to make medical education more accessible and easily shared among students and healthcare professionals. Currently this is a tedious process, it lacks great design, functionality and is unjustifiably expensive. With CodeHealth, we hope to provide that platform to innovate and revolutionize how we share, create and evaluate medical educational content. We want to make the process of learning medicine and science more social.


Cases are clinical scenarios followed by multiple choice questions, which are basically the format for almost every test you will ever take - MCAT, Shelf exams, USMLE, NCLEX, In-training exams, specialty specific boards, etc.

Time and time again, students voice that rather than lectures or free reading, practice questions are the most effective way to learn because it involves active thinking rather than passive absorption of information.


CodeHealth has reference articles that provide a succinct overview of a variety of topics. We know that you can always go to Uptodate or Pubmed for more comprehensive information, but our goal is to provide the high-yield basics as a starting point.

Team CodeHealth

Our current team is composed of doctors, engineers, artists, thinkers and doers.
We are always looking to grow our team, if you are interested in joining us, visit our join us page to tell us more about yourself.

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